What About The Beginning and the End

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As I was considering what we should talk about on today’s blog.  Should we talk about the beginning of the Bible, the book of Genesis, or should we talk about the end of the Bible, the book of Revelation?  These are two favorite subjects, at least for me. Genesis is a book of beginnings, and talks about creation. Because I am a computer engineer, I am interested in intricate things. I like to know about how things started. How did God create the heavens and the earth?  How did God put all the laws of the universe into motion? How do you interpret Genesis chapter one?  Some people look at it as discussingoriginal creation while others understand it to be describing a restoration of the original creation. Which is it? There are many reasons and evidences for both sides. Interestingly, something totally different from the book of Genesis or the book of Revelation came to mind as I considered before God what the burden for this program should be.  What came to mind was an Old Testament story about someone named Jonah. Jonah is an Old Testament book comprised of only four chapters, and it teaches us a very basic lesson.