Charles Spurgeon – God is the God of Love

This is a little background on the song “God is the God of Love

In writing the Christian song, I was trying to express the fact of God’s love as mentioned in John 3:16 (God so loved the world that He gave His Son) and the verses in 1 John about “God is Love”. I was also trying to show the points that are unique and district about Christianity above all other religions. One point that sets Christianity apart is God is the God of love. God is not after us to punish us. Thats why He sent his Son so that in believing in Him we could have eternal life.

So I came us with the phrase “God is the God of Love”. Yet I wondered if anyone else used this phrase. In doing a search I found it not in songs but in a sermon from Charles Spurgeon.

… we think of what God is. …why art thou at enmity with God? God is the God of love; he is kind to his creatures; … Do you hate God because he loves you?  — Charles Spurgeon

So Spurgeon also used this phrase that I came up with.

So the phrase “God is the God of Love” is a great descriptive set of words to describe this aspect of God.  Now don’t forget God is also just, so be sure you believe in Jesus so you can fully receive and appreciate all God can do for you.  Us sinners can easily come to God through His Son Jesus Christ. God has made a way for us fallen sinful imperfect humans to accept from God Eternal Life. So again do your part to get all God can give you, you just need to believe in Jesus.