God Designed the Universe

When you pray and think about God, consider God’s creation.

Priest Lake, Idaho

Lots of Colors at Priest Lake, Idaho

Consider the design in the universe from the mass, energy and structure of the stars, planets, gravity, and light. Consider the heavenly beauty both in visible light and invisible light like radio waves.

Priest Lake, Idaho

Light Reflections at Priest Lake, Idaho

Then consider the design and laws holding the atom and molecules together. Then consider living things like plants and animals, and how they live and reproduce.

Two Geese at Priest Lake, Idaho

Two Geese and family at Priest Lake, Idaho

He designed their beauty in a coded language in the tiny, small DNA molecules in the center of each cell. How could that tiny code with millions and billions of instructions describe a plant or animal.

Then consider how this God loves us and cares for us and how He answers prayer.