Preparation for Prayer – We Need to Receive Jesus

Preparation for Prayer

How do we prepare to pray to pray? We need to receive Jesus.

How do we receive Jesus?  We know it is God’s purpose for man to receive Jesus so that Jesus can live in our spirit. How do we do this? What do we do? Well, in the book of John it says, “As many as have received Him they have the right or the privilege to become the sons of God.”  According to the Bible it’s very simple. You just receive Him. Now how do we receive this Jesus? Well, again it’s very simple. You just say, “Jesus please come in.” In fact there’s a verse in the Bible that says “Whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” I don’t always like to use that word, “saved”.  Saved from what? We are saved from our inability to please God, our inability to express God.  We know we should love.  We know we shouldn’t be depressed but we just can’t get out of it. When we call on the Lord it says that He comes and He saves us. It’s so simple. You just say, “Jesus please come. Come right now. I need you. I need your wisdom.  I need Your patience. I need what You accomplished on the cross for me. I need how You dealt with every negative thing, even depression. Jesus I need that right now.”  Jesus will come.

In this studio here and there is a real person.  They are really living and they’re not asleep. They are awake and not real busy doing other things.  They are available. If I called their name they would probably come up to this set and help me. Well listen, our God today, our Jesus today is real, He’s living, and He’s available. He wants to come to man, wants to come to help us, He wants to come and fill us.  Sometimes we can’t even find human love, but we have the love of God. We have the love of Jesus. So we need to call on this Jesus many times. I want you to try an experiment.  You know George Washington, the first president of the United States. He’s a real person but today’s he’s not living.  Suppose you call on his name. ”George Washington come right now and help me”.  Try that and see what happens. Then try Jesus. What happens when you call Jesus?  Jesus is not only a man that lived 2000 years ago but Jesus is also the Spirit. And because He’s the Spirit He’s so available. He’s so real. He’s so near. He wants to come and help us. We just have to say His name, “Jesus”. And what happens? He comes into our spirit.  We can’t feel Him all the time. Don’t forget our feelings and our emotions are not always dependable.  Eventually Jesus will fill our emotions.  We don’t always think about Him. He comes into our spirit. Eventually He’ll fill our mind. But we need to receive this Jesus for us to pray.