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Why God Created Man with spirit, soul and body

Purpose for Our Body, Soul, and Spirit  

Now what are these three parts of man for? Our body, of course, is designed for us to experience and contact the physical realm.

Our soul enables us to contact the psychological realm.  The Greek word for soul is the word from which we get our English word, “psychology”. So man’s soul is man’s psychology. The Bible helps us to see what man’s soul is. The Bible indicates that our soul is comprised of our mind for thinking, our will for making decisions, and our emotions for feeling things, like love, joy and peace and so on.  So, we have these three things in our soul or psychology: our mind, our will, and our emotions. That describes our soul.

We’ve talked about man’s body and man’s soul. Why did God give man a human spirit? God gave man a human spirit so that we could contact, experience and enjoy God. You see the Bible says that God is Spirit.  It’s like saying God’s substance is Spirit or what God is made of is Spirit.  So if we want to contact God, if we want to experience God, and if we want to enjoy God, we need to use our human spirit.

In fact that same verse that says God is Spirit, also says that they who worship Him, or (or would contact or enjoy Him) must do so in Spirit and in reality. This is why God gave us a spirit. Here is a table. This table is made of wood. In order to see the table and to feel the table I have to use my proper organs to sense the table. I have to use my eyes and my hands. The Bible says God is Spirit, God’s substance is Spirit. So if you want to see or experience God you have to use the proper organ and that proper organ is the human spirit. Now some people are looking for God in their mind. They think, “If I could only figure things out, then I could find God.”  The Bible says God is Spirit. Some people are looking for God in good feelings, beautiful feelings.  Now sometimes God comes in that way, but God is Spirit and in order for us to find God we have to use our human spirit.

God created us to express Him and God created us to represent Him on this earth.  How does man do this? Can man do it on his own? Do you think you and I can express God on our own? For instance God is love. The Bible tells us that God is love.