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More Spokane Moose Sightings

Moose Staring at Drew

Moose Staring at Drew

Ok, so yesterday, one mile from the trailhead, as I am walking back to my car, I turned around and observed a large very black moose up the side of the hill. He was staring me in the face.  I was going to change lenses on my camera, but decided to quickly get out of there.  On the way back I met some other hikers, so I brought them back to the moose spot. As we turned the corner in the canyon, there is the moose, in the middle of the dirt road, looking straight at the three of us.   I quicky put the telephoto lens on my camera and hid behind the other hikers and quickly took two pictures.  Then I said “Bye” and headed down the trail! I just did not want to have to hide behind a tree as one is supposed to do when charged by a moose.  One of the hikers was an experienced moose hunter! So did not feel bad leaving. We were near the Little Spokane River north of Spokane.

See more moose sightings. The moose below were not staring me in the face. These were photographed in the same area a few weeks ago.

Two Moose in Little Spokane River area

Two Moose in Little Spokane River area

Moose Encounters

Mouse Encounter yesterday morning

I do a lot of hiking, walking and praying on various trails in the Spokane area.  This past  Saturday morning,  I encountered two moose about 5 miles apart.  So I think it is time to document all my moose encounters.  These cute “little” animals are almost twice the height of my car!

Here are my six moose encounters:

1.  When Olive Tree was in my home, (about 5 years ago) those working in the basement saw a mommy and baby moose in the back yard.  I tried to take a picture but it was too dark and my old camera was just not doing well.

2.  When I was hiking a 7 mile loop around a mountain,  a moose came between me and the trail back to the parking lot.  I was 20 feet from the moose and he was as startled as I was, but he did not charge.  I had to choose between walking back the other way (about 6 miles) or hoping the moose would vamoose.  After 3 frantic phone calls (including a wrong number to the park ranger), the moose wandered up the hill — a big sigh of relief!

3.  Once,  upon returning from a hike at dusk, I heard noises in the brush near my car.  I looked up and discovered I was 10 feet from a large moose.  Fortunately there was a fence separating me from the moose, so I did not have to test my tree-climbing abilities.

4.  While enjoying a hike with my grandchildren near the Little Spokane River, a moose was observed in the river.  We were about 40 feet from that impressive animal.

5 and 6. This Saturday morning I saw two moose that had just crossed the road in front of my car.  Both times I tried to quickly stop and grab my camera, but the moose kept moving. The picture above is the first moose I tried to photograph as he was quickly moving away.