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Pray by Being Filled with Him

Pray by being filled with Him

Now I want to give you an example, another way to look at prayer.  I have a glove.  This glove is made in the image of my hand.  My hand has four things here and one thing there. And the glove has four things here and one thing there. So this glove is made in the image of my hand. This glove was designed to do things for my hand. On it’s own it’s very flimsy. Yes, it looks like my hand but if you try to do anything like pick up this pen it’s very flimsy.  It doesn’t have the ability to do anything.  A lot of times we, in ourselves, don’t have the ability to do what we know we should do.  God never intended for us to do it on our own. God intended us, like the glove, to be filled. The best way to use this glove is to let it be filled with your hand.  Not only, then, does the glove more fully express the hand, but it can do things like hold onto this marker. In the same way, God created man to be filled with God so that man could express Him and represent Him on this earth. There is no way you and I could love somebody that we just don’t love. We can try for a while, and for a while we can do it, but eventually our human love gives out—or else we don’t even have any love at all.  It is also hard to pray until we let God fill us with His prayers. But when God comes in, we don’t just get some guy telling us to do this or not to do that.  We receive God’s love. When Jesus comes in we get Jesus, Who is God, Who is man, Who died on the cross, and Who rose from the dead. So pray by being filled with God.