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God in a Box

Well, sorry, but God cannot be put in a box.

Columbia River

Columbia River

Mankind cannot make a box big enough for God.  After all, God created the universe including electrons, protons, atoms, molcules, and energy of all different kinds. He created the universe, the solar system, our galaxy and the earth. So could man build a box big enough for God? God created mankind. God created the heavens and the earth.

Now, history shows all kinds of events where man has tried to limit God, put Him in a box, and try to control nature. Even human beings do not get to choose when they are born or when they die. We do not get to choose our parents and which century we are born into.

The Bible is full of people who have tried to put God in a box. People have their view and image of God, but God is God. The best way to learn about God is to read the Bible.

God is 100 percent sovereign which means He is in control. So it only makes sense to cooperate with Him.

@DrewHaninger: God cannot be put in a box, He is too big (twitter.com/DrewHaninger)

Faith is not God on our schedule, it is trusting till God decides.