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The God Particle

It is interesting that the scientists called the newly discovered sub-atomic particle the “God particle”.   Man must think “God” is important. So when you want cause and origin, use the word “God”. Um, so does everyone think God is really important? I heard it cost 9  billion dollars to discover the latest sub-atomic particle.

Flower may contain many God Particles

This Flower may contain many God Particles

I believe that in man’s spirit is the desire for God, and some knowledge about God. Our conscious gives us bad feelings when we do something wrong. So in every man is a God shaped place and feeling that affects man’s thinking.   The atomic particle is called the Higgs Boson after the scientist Peter Higgs, and is also called the God Particle.

In The Beginning – God and Man

God’s Purpose for Man

Let’s talk a little about what happened in the beginning, and more importantly, to show how what happened in the beginning has something to do with you. In the beginning there was the earth, the plants, the animals and man. What is all this for? Why are we here? These are some universal questions. In the beginning God had a purpose in mind for all things. What is this purpose, and what does it have to do with you?  We need to look at the very beginning of the Bible, where God’s purpose for man is revealed. God’s purpose for us can be summarized in two words; image and dominion. In the beginning of the Bible, the beginning of the record, right in the first chapter, God said, “Let Us make man in Our image after Our likeness, and let him have dominion over the fish in the sea, the cattle, the birds and the whole earth.” So we have those two key words that describe why God made man.  Let’s write this on the board. First of all we have the word, “image”. Secondly, we have the word, “dominion”. This verse in the beginning of the Bible reveals to us why God created man.  We were made in the image of God and we were created to have dominion. What do these two words mean? First of all we have the word, “image”. What does image mean? Image is like a photograph. If you look at a photograph of a tree you see the color, the form and the shape of the tree. You could say the photograph expresses or represents the tree. So, image means to express. We were created in the image of God so we could express God.  Let’s write this down—to express God.  Then “dominion” means to represent God. So there you have it.  We are to express God and represent God. These two words at the beginning of the Bible reveal to us why God created man.  He created us in His Image to express Him, and He created us to have dominion or to represent Him.

This is taken from a Bible study, some of these study video’s are on  Drew’s YouTube channel.

God Created

Why is the Bible so simple. It just acknowledges God. Then it says God created the heavens and earth.  There is just no opinion expressed in this simple statement in the first book of the Bible, Genesis. Just the facts of the way it is in the universe.

Creation shows God’s power and ability.  It is one thing to intelligently design something like a computer system, a communication system, or a transportation vehicle.  It is another to actually build it.  What if we had no raw materials and needed to design and build from nothing.

God created the universe from nothing. He is God and has this ability. So He is the source of all matter and energy.  He doesn’t just modify pre-existing matter but calls matter into being out of nothing.