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God Will Put You in Impossible Situations to Prove He is God

God loves impossible situations!

Elijah, God’s prophet, faced an impossible and discouraging situation. The people of Israel refused to follow God and worshipped idols despite His unfailing kindness to them. How did Elijah handle these thankless rebels? He trusted God and turned to Him in fervent prayer. God responded with a series of amazing miracles that proved He, alone, was the true God, and challenged the people of Israel to obey God’s Word.

A Lake in Montana

A Lake in Montana

Let’s consider another impossible situation from earlier in Israel’s history. God chose Abraham out of a pagan society and made a very important covenant with him. God asked Abraham to leave his country and family for a new land He would show him. Just imagine what a difficult thing God was asking Abraham to do. It was nearly an impossible challenge for Abraham, but he pulled up stakes and left his home in Ur of the Chaldeans, never turning back. God graciously blessed Abraham’s trust, declaring him to be righteous in His sight.

Now consider the children of Israel and another impossible situation in this timeline.

  • Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, twelve sons
  • A famine
  • Down to Egypt they go
  • They are led into slavery
  • After 400 years of slavery they cried to the Lord, the Lord raised up a deliver, Moses
  • There was much talking by Moses and miracles showing Egypt God’s judgment for refusing to let His people go free.
  • Now they are free and traveling towards the good land of Israel as God promised

Then they arrived at to the Red Sea, facing another impossible situation

They were walled in on four sides:

  • Behind: the army of Egypt
  • In front: the Red Sea
  • On the left: mountains
  • On the right: mountains

So what could they do?

Multnomah Falls, Oregon

Multnomah Falls, Oregon

They cried to the Lord, and the Lord made a way through the Red Sea.
This is by means of another miracle led by Moses listening to God and following God’s command.

God’s people were griping and complaining while Moses was listening to God’s Word and depending on God’s grace.

God loves impossible situations!

God will always make a way through life’s challenges and difficulties if we believe Him, pray and trust Him.

Learn to pray through the rough situations that come your way and obey God.

God will put you in impossible situations to prove that He is God.