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New Song: Jesus Jesus I Need You

Enjoy this new Christian song called: Jesus Jesus I need you.
This song is dedicated to those who maybe in their past have hurts and “bad” memories. God wants to help us forgive and let go. But sometimes we need God to help us. So let God help us let go of the past with its good and its bad.

Jesus Jesus I need you

Here are some of the beautiful words:

Title: Jesus Jesus I need you

Jesus Jesus I need you
Jesus right now I need you
Lord, touch the hurt and touch the pain
Lord, touch whatever I do not know
Jesus Jesus I need you

Sometimes our past has hurts, bad feelings, bad experiences, or bad memories. Sometimes we try to just forget, but our emotions do not forget. So we need Jesus to help us forgive and forget. Let Jesus touch every old emotion. Let Him touch everything that still hurts from the past.

The sunset video at 10 seconds into the video was filmed (video’ed) at 4k UHD video.