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Prayer in the Middle of Anything

How do we prepare to pray to pray?

Sometimes we feel very insecure. We are very fumbly and wobbly in ourselves. We try to hide it from other people but a lot of times we feel this way. David had that experience too. But many times he prayed by calling upon the name of the Lord and the Lord became like a rock to him. In his experience in himself he was sinking. It looked like everything was all over. And to him nothing was going to happen. But God came to him. David experienced God like a rock—stable, secure, and unmovable. A rock is protection. You can hide behind a rock.  David had this type of experience and Paul had this type of experience.  David had prayer in the middle of anything.

I encourage you to all have this type of experience, to pray and call on Jesus for help.  Suppose you are in the middle of something.  For instance, this television program we’re doing was potentially a real problem for me because in my natural self I’m not that aggressive, and I’m even afraid to talk in front of people.  Here I am with three cameras staring me in the face and people watching this thing and they are thinking good, or thinking bad—I don’t know.  Potentially this could be a very dangerous situation for my soul, my psychology. Consider what you would do if you were up here talking like this? Well anyway, today I have the experience of just trusting in Jesus and relying on Him. How? Just by speaking His name.  Jesus, “You’ve got to come and help me. Jesus I’m a little insecure today. You’ve got to come and help me today.” He wants to come. So I encourage you to have this experience.

God’s created man for a purpose, to express God’s image and to represent Him.  God created man with three parts; body, soul, and spirit. Don’t forget that our spirit was made for us to experience and contact God Himself because the Bible says that God is Spirit.

As the God-Man, with all His virtue, His wisdom, and His life experiences, He went to the cross and dealt with every negative thing, including sickness.  He rose from the dead. He rose out of death, out of negative things, and He is Lord of lords. And today He is the Spirit—so available for us to enjoy.  Receive Him today as your Savior.   So feel free to contact God in prayer in the middle of anything.