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How to Learn to Pray like Moses

Think of the place God had in Moses’ life, as the God who had sent him, the God to whom he was totally devoted, the God who had promised to be with him, and who would and did always help him when he prayed.

Now for the practical application:  How to learn to pray like Moses?  We cannot secure this grace by an act of the will.  Out first lesson must be the sense of impotence.  Then grace will work it in us, slowly and surely, if we give ourselves into its training.  But though the training will be gradual, there is one thing that can be done at once. We can at once decide to give ourselves to this life and take up the right position.  Do this now.  Take the decision, to LIVE ENTIRELY TO BE A CHANNEL FOR GOD’S BLESSING TO FLOW THROUGH YOU TO THE WORLD.  TAKE THE STEP.  If need be, take ten minutes for deliberate thought.  Accept the Divine appointment, and take up some object of intercession.

Take time, say a week, and get firm hold on the elementary truths Moses’ example teaches.  As a music teacher insists upon practicing the scales—only practice makes perfect.  Set yourself to learn thoroughly and to apply the needed first lessons.  God seeks men through whom He can bless the world.  Say definitely, Here am I.  I will give my life to this.  Cultivate large faith in the simple truth:  God hears prayer; God will do what I ask.

Give yourself wholly to men as to God, and set your eyes open to a sense of the need of a perishing world.  Take your position in Christ, and in the power which His Name, and Life and Spirit give you, and go on practicing definite intercession.

These are quotes from The Inner Chamber by Andrew Murray.