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Prophecy – History is God’s Story

History is God’s story, so no world or human event is a surprise to God. Timing and events are in His hands. Ultimately God will be in full control, but for a short time evil (the Devil) has a little freedom. Ultimately God will fully expressed through every human being, some happily in heaven, some in unhappiness.

Overview of Bible Prophecy
1. prophecy about the Lord’s first coming (happened 2000 years ago)
2. prophecy about the Lord’s second coming (future)
3. some Bible prophecy is about BOTH (Isaiah 9:6, and Daniel)
4. it seems there are more verses in the Bible about His second return, than the first.

In the Lord’s first coming, He came as a man (yet fully God and fully man) and as a lamb to be crucified on a cross for our sins, then rose from the dead and ascended to heaven.

In the Lord’s second coming He will come as a warrior to conquer an evil earth that does not represent God’s character. He will rule the earth from Jerusalem.

Most of the prophecy in the Bible is about Jesus Christ, but there is also some about Israel and the Church.

Some say one third of the Bible is Bible prophecy. There are over 2500 prophecies in the Bible. About 80 percent of those have already been fulfilled, and 20 percent are yet future.

Bible writers talked about prophecy the most: Jesus, Paul, Daniel, David, Ezekiel, Isaiah

Bible Overview, in connection with studying Prophecy

The two half’s of the Bible
* Old Testament with 39 books points to and promises Jesus Christ the Redeemer – Promises, Types, figures of Christ
* New Testament with 27 books is all about Jesus Christ, our redeemer – Fulfillment of all the promises and types of Christ

The first and the last books
* The book of Genesis — Beginnings
* God, man, garden, (devil comes in) sin, promise of a redeemer
* The book of Revelation – Conclusion
* God, man, a city (heaven), (devil cast out), sin forgiven, the redeemer on the throne

Some questions that come up:
1. Will the Lord come again – YES
2. Do we know when or the date – NO (even the Lord does not know, how could we know)
3. Will there be an anti-christ – YES, see Revelation 13
4. Do we know who it might be – NO

For you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night — 1 Thessalonians 5:2

The Book of Revelation is about Jesus Christ

The Book of Revelation is about Jesus Christ 

In the Bible, the Book of Revelation starts out with the phrase, “The revelation of Jesus Christ”.  The central point of this book is a about a person, and that person is Jesus Christ.  Now as I was preparing this lesson and the outlines I really wanted to find out about John.  John wrote the book of Revelation, but he also wrote the gospel of John the epistles of I, II, and III John as well.  What kind of person was John? What type of relationship did John have with Jesus Christ? Did John just know Him in an objective way?

“Oh my, this is quite a book!”  So many things are mentioned in the twenty-two chapters of Revelation.  Christ is portrayed in a rather mysterious way and there is also a discussion of the Antichrist. You’ve got the Tribulation and God’s judgment on the world.  Babylon is discussed in detail and then you have this city at the end of the book referred to as the New Jerusalem. There are a lot of mysterious things in this book.  I began to prayerfully read through it just to get an idea of what it all boils down to.  I noted that the first three words in the Greek text of Revelation are:  revelation, Jesus, and Christ.  What is this book really about? Is it about prophecy? Yes, there is prophecy in it.  Is it about the Antichrist? Yes, it talks about the Antichrist and the mark of the beast and all these things.  I came to realize that this book talks about one person and that one person is Jesus Christ.  In order to understand the book of Revelation properly we need to see Jesus Christ.

The book of Genesis is a very proper beginning to the Bible and Revelation is a proper conclusion to the Bible.