The Assembly for Prayer

A lack of interest exists in many places, so that the assembly for prayer is despised, and put down as a second-rate affair: ‘only a prayer meeting.’ Is this a right view of the throne of grace? Will this bring blessing? In certain churches; there is no union, and consequently no agreement in prayer: ‘their heart is divided; now shall they be found wanting;’ and wanting they are in their assemblies for prayer. In such a case, a feeble prayer meeting is an effect as well as a cause of disunion; and till this is altered, we may expect to see more and more of ‘the divisions of Reuben.’ Prayer is a grand cement; and lack of prayer is like withdrawing the force of gravitation from a mass of matter, and scattering it into so many separate atoms. Some churches are feeble all round; the members are a race of invalids, a body of infirm pensioners who can hardly hobble about in the ways of godliness. They have no life, no energy, or enterprise for Christ; and do you wonder at it when their meetings for prayer are so scantily attended?

from Only A Prayer-meeting by Charles Spurgeon