The Believer’s Insatiable Appetite for God’s Word

In light of the fact that God’s Word is a treasure, why do so few Christians love to dig into it?  Why are most of us satisfied being spoon-fed a feel-good sermon on Sunday morning, but not willing to work ourselves at learning what God has to say to us? Take some time to meditate on that question in light of your own attitude toward studying God’s Word.  Bible study is not optional for the believer, “As newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby, [I Peter 2:2].  First of all, that is a command, not a suggestion.  We should desire or long for the pure milk of God’s Word as a baby desires or longs for milk when he is hungry.  Every parent will smile at the imagery used by Peter here. There is no stopping the hungry baby, and the parents had better get the message or they will have no peace!  A desire for God’s Word is one thing that typically characterizes a new believer. This is a God-given desire.