Video Testing Sony AX100 – 4k UHD Video

Beautiful Sunset over Columbia river (mp4 from camera)
4k video, 3840×2160 ultra UHD video, Camera is Sony AX100.


4k video, 3840×2160 ultra UHD video,  export from Premiere as 2160p YouTube, Camera is Sony AX100.

Manual and auto settings on Sony AX100- on YouTube   on Vimeo  – Columbia River, Ringold, WA.

The Sony AX100 does better in very high contract scenes like a sunset by using auto setting to get an approximate setting, then stopping down the ISO or DB setting.

Auto settings on Sony AX100 – on YouTube   on Vimeo – Columbia River, Pasco, WA.


Other Test Footage:

4k Sony AX100 4k test video 3840 x 2160 30fps – direct from camera

2k Sony AX100 2k test video 1920 x 1080 30fps – direct from camera

2k Nikon D3200 1920 x 1080  24fps – direct from camera

4k Sony after Premiere export as 4k 2160p YouTube

4k Sony after Premiere export as Match Original with High Bitrate

1k  Sony 720p – Ringold WA on Columbia River 720p export from Premiere (1280×720 not HD)