What is Prayer?

Prayer is just talking to God.  God is real, He exists and listens, we just need to start talking to Him.    Prayer does not need to be formal or in some special place or with some special people. Prayer is just talking to God in reality. So we don’t need to be phony or make-up something, just start saying what is on your heart as you think about God.  Prayer is just a dialog between us and God.  Prayer can be alone for with others.  Prayer can be when we are happy and when we are sad.  Prayer can be what we feel when we are very encouraged and when we are very depressed and low.   Prayer can be when we are a sinner (and we all are sinners) and when we feel we are a saint.  Prayer can be when we love God and when we hate God. Sometimes we are hurting because of something that happened, so tell that to God.  Sometimes after we pray we feel high and sometimes low.

Sometimes we have things we want God to fix or do.  Sometime He does them, other times it just does not happen.  We can in prayer talk to God about ourselves and talk about others.

In the Bible there are many sample prayers. These Bible prayers are great examples of words if we need them, but still the best is what just comes from our heart as we think about God.

Three quick tips to help your prayer:
1. To know Jesus Christ as savior makes a big difference in prayer results
2. To know the Bible also helps our prayer
3. To obey the Lord also helps our prayer

So try some prayers, just talk to God what ever words come to you as you consider God.