Thy Kingdom Come – from John Calvin

The Lord's Prayer - Thy Kingdom Come

Beautiful scenery – The Lord’s Prayer – Thy Kingdom Come

This is a great prayer quote from John Calvin on the phrase  “Thy Kingdom Come” in the Lord’s Prayer.  Prayer is required to bring in the Kingdom of God.  The Kingdom is God’s rule over an area or situation. Don’t forget God owns the earth and the universe. God created the earth  to declare His glory.

There is still another way in which God reigns; and that is, when he overthrows his enemies, and compels them, with Satan their head, to yield a reluctant subjection to his authority, “till they all be made his footstools” ( Hebrews  10:13 .) The substance of this prayer is, that God would enlighten the world by the light of his Word, — would form the hearts of men, by the influences of his Spirit, to obey his justice, and would restore to order, by the gracious exercise of his power, all the disorder that exists in the world. Now, he commences his reign by subduing the desires of our flesh. Again, as the kingdom of God is continually growing and advancing to the end of the world, we must pray every day that it may come: for to whatever extent iniquity abounds in the world, to such an extent the kingdom of God, which brings along with it perfect righteousness, is not yet come.  – from the John Calvin Commentary.